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Abiliti™ Overnight, the first product in our growing portfolio of myopia management solutions.
Abiliti™ Overnight lenses are orthokeratology contact lenses that help manage myopia.1 Worn overnight, they temporarily reshape the cornea, allowing clear vision during the day without glasses.2 Each lens is specifically designed to fit the unique shape of each person’s eye.3

Why treat myopia with Abiliti™ Overnight lenses?

Daytime freedom from glasses and contacts

A great option for those active in athletics & water activities. In addition, children reported that these lenses subjectively improve appearance and social self-perception versus wearing glasses.1

Improved vision related quality of life

Significant improvement in vision-related quality of life for patients, compared to single vision spectacles.1

Greater parental control

Parents can help with insertion & removal at home, making this a good option for younger children.

Astigmatism coverage​

Corrects corneal astigmatism up to 1.50D.2

Introducing SeeAbiliti™ as part of our comprehensive treatment approach with the Abiliti™ portfolio