Abiliti™ Overnight, the first of our growing portfolio of myopia management solutions.
Abiliti™ Overnight lenses are orthokeratology contact lenses worn overnight to temporarily reshape the cornea, allowing clear vision during the day without correction. Each lens is specifically designed to fit each patient's unique eye shape

Mode of action:

Abiliti™ Overnight lenses are designed to purposely flatten the shape of the cornea by applying a slight pressure to the center of the cornea while the patient is asleep resulting in a temporary reduction of myopic power1

Why treat myopia with Abiliti™ Overnight lenses?

FitAbiliti™ experiential fitting software

Leverages the latest technology to offer a first fit success rate of approximately 90% for spherical prescriptions* and 95% for with the rule astigmatic prescriptions**2
*Final lens fit is determined by the ECP – software is for decision support only
**[US only] The lens is approved for correcting astigmatism of up to 1.50D

Lifestyle benefit with glasses- free during daytime:

Significant improvement in vision-related quality of life for patients, compared to single vision spectacles2

Astigmatism coverage:

Approved to treat corneal astigmatism up to 1.50D2

Comfort usually not an issue